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Chapter 16 was also an optional chapter to cover in my intro to PR class. I read it and found some material in it that I could relate to. The book we use is Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. It can be found via this link: http://www.amazon.com/Public-Relations-Strategies-Tactics-9th/dp/020558148X

Something that I found very interesting in this chapter when comparing a news conference with speeches was that news conferences are considered two-way communication, while speeches are considered one-way communication. Also, the book stated that delivering a speech in a hostile audience is the hardest thing for most speakers to do. I can agree with this because I just recently took a public speaking course this past semester. Not that my classmates were hostile, but at first when you don’t know anyone it becomes a little nerve racking and similar to a hostile environment.

I also found out that whenever setting the date and time for a news conference or press conference, times between midmorning and midafternoon are good. Friday afternoon’s are a no-no, as well as days before holidays. I concured with the authors of the book Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, when they pointed out that the first step in speech writing is to research the intended audience of the speech. Visual aids are helpful in speeches due to the fact that sight accounts for 83 percent of what we learn according to authors Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron of Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

This chapter was really cool to read because I could really relate to the section on speeches and I found out a lot of information I did not know about regarding media interviews and news conferences. Down below is a clip from President Obama’s very first news conference, I thought it was a fitting example that showed some highlights from this chapter.


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In the intro to public relations class I am taking this semester we did not cover the last to chapters in the syllabus. It was optional for the students to do, so I figured what the heck, I might learn something! I was right! In my book, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, which can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Public-Relations-Strategies-Tactics-9th/dp/020558148X there were a lot of interesting facts throughout the chapter.

* I found out that Reeses’s Pieces teamed up with the movie E.T. creating the first major product placement in media.

*During a PSA, when a spokesperson or celebrity talks directly into the camera for 30 seconds it is know as talking head.

*A webcast of a news conference or an earnings report should run about 40 minutes, with an additional 15-20 minutes for Q & A.

*VNR’s are the most expensive form of getting a message out via media.

This chapter was interesting with several facts and statistics I didn’t know were aloud and some that aren’t when dealing with radio, television, and the web.

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That Time Of Year

The semester is drawing to a close here at Georgia Southern University and my intro. to Public Relations class is on the brink of being over with along with my other four classes. Yet, i have to admit that I will take more away from this single class than any of the classes I have taken over the past three years.

The reason i say this is because I have began to realize how important networking and social media have truly become a neccessity in the everyday lives of the working people. I found this out first when I was assigned by Professor Nixon to create a Twitter account. I first began to flinch because I didn’t know what it was or what it entailed. I soon came to realize that this is an amazing site, where one can meet thousands and be a part of a growing social network online. Since I have joined www.twitter.com I have been in contact with several professionals in today’s workplaces including: John Cass, Rick Sanchez, and thousands of people making names for themselves. I have since become quite good at twitter but gave it up for a while because my school work out weighed the fun. I am now back to being a participating member in the twitter society and I am glad, you can formulate business relationships and create friendships with people who are going through times just like you or that have already been through them and can give guidance along your way.

Another reason why I found this class to be very valuable was right here on wordpress. We were assigned to create an account and blog about the things we had learned throughout the semester in my Intro. to Public Relations class. It has become more of that to me though. Minus all the assignments that are due on my blog, https://zaremba88.wordpress.com, I have posted interesting articles about PR and also incorporated a personal section where I cann rave and rant about my sports teams and other thoughts throughout the day.

I have really enjoyed the class thus far and hope to be involved in more classes of the same fashion when heading into more majors classes in Public Relations.

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Today in my intro to PR class we had two guest speakers come in and talk about their careers in public relations. Both of the speakers graduated from the college I now attend, Georgia Southern University. The speakers were Lauren Crawford and Jeremy Estroff, and they both work for Three. It is a company based on the principles of marketing, advertisement, and public relations all in one company.

Both of the speakers were interesting. They told us about their company and some of the projects they have personally worked on. Such as making flooring and carpet “sexy”, when teaming up with Shaw. They had to pitch ideas and made sure that the media was following their purposals and very soon had a buzz about the fact you can make carpet and florring fashionable.

I took a lot from the speakers, but the thing that really hit home was how they stressed to be ahead of the pack. For instance, Jeremy Estroff said if McDonald’s has a new sandwich coming out he isn’t going to wait until they call him for a pitch, instead he is going to be brainstorming ahead of time so if the oppurtunity arises for that type of situation he already has several ideas.

Today the class  and I got a first hand experience with workers in the field we are studying. You have to be quick, efficient, and percise in this line of work. It made me all the more interested in public relations. If you have an interest as well you can learn more about Three, their clients, and employees at: http://www.3atlanta.com/

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CrossWord Puzzle

Yesterday in my PRCA 2330 class we did a crossword puzzle. Sure it brought back childhood memories, but it tested my memory just as much. The puzzle consisted of hints that were companies, products, and brand’s slogans or catch phrases used in their advertisements. Surprisingly I knew most of the answers. It was shocking that I could remember these slogans from the television, billboards, and radio. The reason it was shocking to me was that I can’t ever recall myself ever truly paying attention. Yet, “so easy a caveman could do it” or “snack, crackle, pop” all clicked in my mind and I soon completed the puzzle before we went over the answers. I thought this was a fun activity and it was brain food, triggering my memory and testing it at the same time.

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A few days ago I interviewed my PR Professional, Michelle Groover. I explained in the assignment how enjoyable it was, but I wanted to take a moment and elaborate on why I felt this way.

I felt before this assignment was handed out that I have yet to really interact with any of my school work on a personal level. it all just seemed s busy work to me. Then when this assignment rolled around I was in a bad mood. I don’t know if it was because for the first time in a long time I would have to do something that did not rquire me to just open my book and read scared me. Or if it was the fact that it involved m going out and getting an interesting Q&A between myself and a stranger. Even though these feelings were passing through my mind, I was motivated somehow. The thought of a interactive topic seemed interesting and fun.

After the nerves settled it was all I thought that it would be: interesting, fun, and challenging. It was challenging, in a manner of finding a person to do the assignment with. I choose one of GSU’s very own professors, Michelle Groover. This is where the fun and interesting portion of the assignment kicked in. Prof. Groover was very approachable and had a great sense of humor. It was as if it were a big conversation instead of an assignment for school. On the level it was a cool experience and now I have a reference to resort back to who is nearby in case this whole PR thing gets tough.

I enjoyed this assignment to the utmost and hope to be presented with more before my studies are over at GSU. If this is any reflection of what the rest of my courses for my PR major has to offer then I am glad I decided to choose this field!

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In my personal opinion on what we have covered before this beautiful week long break that is known as Spring Break is quite simple.

I feel as if all the chapters connect, as well they should being an educational tool. Yet, it seems to me as if these three chapters really do connect. When one is finished the other picks up where that one left of off.

They are all part of a huge process in PR. Chapter seven, communication, ties in with chapter eight, evaluation, which in turn flows into chapter nine, persuasion and public opinion.

The process seems complicated and it may be, but truly if one analyzes this process it can be simple. Everything in the PR process is linked as said previously, but if you truly understand that they all are intertwined I feel it makes the understanding of the process simplified.

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