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In reading my weekly article at www.prweek.com I came  across an article that was very interesting. The television network PBS on the verge of launching a PBS video protal, decided to pitch to its viewers and the world that they are a lot “hipper” than some may think. They hired MWW Group last november to help in the task of relaying this message to the public. Kevin Dando, director of digital and educational communications at PBS said, “[The goal of the initiative was] ubiquity, and to get the word out about the player and its features and to really… change people’s perceptions of what PBS is, and the press coverage has done that and more.”  He noted that the AP story on the launch led with “PBS may be cooler than you think.” They even used a Facebook fan page to promote the idea. I found this to be a great improvement for PBS, because from the few times I have watched it, the program material seemed rather dull. Maybe, with the help of MWW Group PBS’s video portal will be the factor to improved ratings or more viewers. If you want to read this article on prweek, follow this link: http://www.prweekus.com/PBS-hopes-video-portal-casts-it-in-a-hipper-shade/article/131421/



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More on Twitter

I recently viewed John Cass’s blog and he had an interesting little segment about what else the wonderful site www.twitter.com can do for its users. He said that small businesses that are talking business through twitter can connect to one another by using a hashtag. I found this interesting because that is what Prof. Nixon recommended we use when commenting with our Intro to Public Relations classmates (#PRCA2330). I was also cool because he let me know of one particular company, Batchblue software hosts weekly meetings for two hours on twitter and the first hour is open to questions on an open theme, and then a guest speaker answers questions via twitter. I found this information to be quite useful especially for those that would like to improve their social networking. If you’re interested in checking out what John Cass has to say visit his blog at: http://pr.typepad.com/

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Clothing Outreach

Wicked Clothing has teamed up with professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler for a new clothing line. “The RS By Sheckler will launch in July, and the company is working with AOR Think PR to plan a variety of back-to-school initiatives targeting 12 to 19-year-old boys, including a viral effort and media outreach,” according to www.prweekus.com reporter Alexandra Bruell. I took an interest in this article because it shows some of the process for marketing a product as well as making a name before the product hits stores. Kids admire Sheckler, girls and boys alike, they can relate because hes young and having fun.

The article stated that the company is teaming up with AOR Think PR to plan a the line and where to market it. Suggesting that the product will be possible in a back-to-school attire. The promotion of the products will be through personal appearances and events.

I also thought this was cool because my intro to PR professore Barbara Nixon assigned us to join the up rising of twitter, which by the way is awesome, and in the article it showed me how much the networking of twitter has grown and how much people, even professional athletes want to be involved with.

“Sheckler will promote the line via personal appearances at events, and actively participate on social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Strumeier noted that the skateboarder said he “wanted to be actively involved with all aspects of PR.” stated the prweek article by Alexandra Bruell.

This was a cool article and it gave me reason to why we have been studying and using some of the tools in my PRCA 2330 class, we are networking and may not even know it!!

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Managing the Gray

I listened to a podcast today from the website http://managingthegray.com. There were several podcasts via the website that I tuned in to. The podcast that caught my attention the most was titled Facebook Pages & Media Hackers. The podcast was hosted by C.C. Chapman.

Chapman talked about two different topics, hence the title. He started off with talking about a new addition to the Facebook website. He started that facebook started a fan page. This is for “brands” C.C. Chapman stated. Brands are individual, product, service, or company. This is like a profile page for a more broad category, not just one person. “This is going to force brands to be more social,” said Chapman. Thus, they are going to have to post whats going on in their end of the world and be open to comments and responses from the public. Chapman said that facebook can’t be ignored any matter who you are and his podcast was talking proof of that. I learned that facebook created this because companies can’t have a profile, you must be “a human” in Chapman’s words, to obtain one of these communication connectors. It suprised me that companies have not tried to find a way around this because it seems to me that every person or company wants to get a message out or hype a product or service. So, now these fan pages provide this service for such users of the program. I would like to follow C.C. Chapman more. This was my first time listening in and I enjoyed it very much, enough to make me want to visit the website again.




In his second topic he “pimped” a new podcast called Media Hacks. Chapman labeled it as coffee chat. It is him and several friends talking about media. Chapman described what it was and hoping for more viewers, so if you’re interested you can find it at www.mediahacks.org. The Media Hacks topic was brief, but I now want to know more and what kinds of media they discuss, so I think I’m going to try it out as well. All in all this was the first time that I have listened to a podcast besides the ones listened to in my PRCA 2330 class and quite frankly I enjoyed it and will continue to listen!

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PR Raising Awareness

A restaurant owner passed away do to a rare skin cancer disease called Merkel cell carcinoma. The restaurant owner was Al Copeland. Due to rareness of the disease the Al Copeland found teamed up with New Orleans Hornet’s point guard Chris Paul. Paul wore a wrist band supporting the foundation and the cause to raise awareness.

Wristbands garner skin cancer awareness The Copeland family and several groups including MWW group are working on a PR campaign of several different levels, ultimately rasing the awareness of the disease. They have been relaying their message through both local and national media stations and papers.

I read this article on PR Week and thought it was awesome. I didn’t think it was awesome that Mr. Copeland died, but the fact of the several lives that they are trying to save due to his death. I also linked the article to my intro to public relations class and the book we use, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron. In the book there is an excerpt about a 1980s Seat Belt campaign that tried to raise awareness about the dangers of driving without a seat belt. The campaign raised the percent of people buckling up from a staggering 12% to 50%. So, I figured if a PR campaign can do that then maybe it can inform, teach, and warn people about the disease that Mr. Copeland had died from. I have learned that through several campaigns, the lives of humans have been protected and saved. If I want to be a part of something in the future, I want to be a part of something that makes a change for the good, and right now this is looking pretty promising.

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Reebok is setting out a global marketing campaign to support its line of new products. The launch of the new products and a new workout is in affiliation with Cirque du Soleil. “The Reebok-Cirque du Soleil collection – to go along with the new routine, which will appear in fitness clubs in several markets such as Equinox Fitness in New York”, stated Alexandra Bruell of PR Week.

While reading this article I came to the realization that creativity is key in preparing a PR campaign. Customers are always looking for new interesting and intriguing products to purchase and company’s are looking for such ways to market them. By doing this the sporting and fitness company of Reebok has found a new way of interesting customers.

Everyone has either heard of or seen the amazing display of Cirque du Soleil. Now with Reebok and Cirque du Soleil teaming up together it provides the customer with a new workout and line of products that is associated with a unique style of working out.

This campaign was interesting to me! I am not the biggest work out person, but after reading the article it made me want to learn more. The campaign sounds to me to be a hit and I we look forward to see if it will be a success in the future.

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I read in PRWeek about how Samsung issued a streamline of its global PR function. The fact of the matter that Samsung did was interesting, but not as interesting as who they teamed up with to me. Everyone knows Samsung, but not too many people outside of the PR world knows what Edelmen is. At least I didn’t until Professor Nixon mentioned them in class one day. I found this interesting because Edelmen is one of the largest PR firms in the world.

It was evident to Samsung and now to me why they choose to go with Edelmen for their PR function. Samsung wanted to limit their corporate and communications crisis. This is the reason they choose Edelmen to team up with, “to adapt to the rapidly shifting media environment”, James Chung senior PR manager at samsung. Samsung having their own PR department went outside of their own business to people that specialize in others problems.

I just found this interesting because we covered these exact same topics and situations in the previous chapters and class discussion. Pretty cool.

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