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In my News Reporting and Writing, Journalism, class I had a last minute extra credit assignment. It was to write a 200 to 300 word speech story on JFK’s historical inaugural speech. Delivered on January 20, 1961 Kennedy has been remembered for his speech and what he did in office as one of the greatest presidents of our time. I had never listened or watched the speech entirely. I am glad I had the oppurtunity. Not only did he talk about the plan for America, he stated the endeavors that America was facing: “tryanny, poverty, and war itself”. Kennedy’s accent was captivating, I felt as if he embodied America and his words spoke with conviction and power. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. JFK incorporated Americans and the world alike into a new order, a change in history led with love, dedication, teamwork, and hardwork. I now realize why this inaugural address is held in such high regards. He was an American for the people, let us hope that President Obama is the same.


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First Amendment

Last week I attended the First Amendment Free Food Festival at Georgia Southern University. I jumped at the sight of a free food flyer and made my way towards the event thursday afternoon. What i didn’t realize before getting to the event was that upon entering you had to sign a form saying that you were willingly giving up your freedom of speech and in return you were getting free food. The event was hosted by the student media at GSU and 18 restaurants participated in the event, including: KFC, Papa Johns, Brusters, and several more from around Statesboro, GA.

When I entered the event I was wearing a hat that was representing the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Upon getting my first slice of pizza the rugby team at GSU, who were the security for the event, approached me and told me to take my hat off. “There is no advertising,” said one of the players. I thought about rebelling, but they were bug and had strength in numbers. Also at the same time I was being ordered to remove my hat a girl was being thrown out of the event for unknown reasons. This was enough for me to keep quiet and remove my hat until I finished with my food.

After I left I was full and had a good time at the festival. It was interesting to me, but I will never ever in a million years give my freedom of speech up for anything. It was a cool experience and I was glad to attend the event!

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The Sweep

This weekend has been a great weekend. Besides spending it with my family, the Detroit Red Wings hockey team pulled the fabeled sweep in NHL playoffs. Being the defending Stanley Cup champions, it is said that the team that wins the championship the year before has trouble even making it out of the the first round of the playoffs. Not only did the boys in red make it out of the first series against Columbus, they did it in style. They won four straight games in a row and will move on to the next round. playing the winner of San Jose and Anahiem. We have set the pace for this years playoffs, never trailing in a single game of the first series and posting scores no less than four throughout all four games. I have been able to breathe and relax unlike last year when I barely had any finger nails to bite on before the second round even commenced. Visit www.espn.com to check out the latest hockey news and to view the up and coming second round match ups. Go Wings!!!

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Family First

My dad just recently got out of rehabilitation center to recover from his spinal surgery three months ago. I finally got the oppurtunity to visit home this weekend and had a chance to spend some time helping out around the house. To my surprise and the rest of my family my dad’s brother and sister cam down from Michigan to surprise him and see how he was doing. I can honestly say that I have not seen him happier then when we all sat down to dinner on saturday night. Since his surgery and getting released from the rehabilitation center in Atlanta my dad’s recovery has been on the right track. Although it seems slow to me, learning to walk all over again is a lot harder than it seems. I am very proud of my dad, if he hadn’t opted to get the surgery now he could have possibly paid for it later in life.

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The Playoffs Baby!

So, the nhl playoff’s are here and if you have read any of my previous posts I am a big time hockey fan. The Detroit Red Wings, my favorite team and the defending stanley cup champions, have jumped out to an early start against the Columbus Blue Jackets with two straight wins in the best out of seven quater finals. The first game finished with a 4-1 victory and the second with a 4-0 win. If we can seal up the next two games we would pull the sweep and move on to the next round. It may or may not happen, but all we need to do is focus on tuesdays game in columbus. There is nothing in sports like playoff hockey, if you want to view a game they are shown on the VS. channel and if that is not possible then visit http://espn.go.com/nhl/. And as always, GO WINGS!!!

Red Wings

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So, today in my public relations class my Professor showed the class a pretty disturbing video. It was a clip of some employees of Dominos tampering with a customer’s food. All I could think was…gross! BUt, then we were asked what would we do if we had to solve the problem. Honestly, I would issue an apology publicy first and foremost. Then apologize to the customers and the ones this incident specifically effected. This is a crisis scenario, and seeing how we just covered crisis managemnet in the text book, it seemed fitting and rather ironic. To think, I love Dominos, but does this change the question of: where are we getting pizza from? For me, not neccessarily, but I may lay off the fast food for a while.

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Detroit vs. Columbus

So, i have waited for the NHL playoff matchups to be decided for a while and they finally came out yesterday. I am a die hard Detroit Red Wings fan as I stated in one of my earlier blogs. We have been matched up with the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round. For anyone who knows a little bit about hockey this may seem to be beneficial for Detroit because they are considered a playoff team and this is the first year ever that Columbus has made it to the playoffs. Yet, I am kind of skeptical with the match-up since the Blue Jackets handed Detroit one of their worse loses of the season earlier in the year, 8-0. At the same time of being skeptical, I am confident. Detroit are the defending Stanley Cup champions and will have home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs. We will see….GO WINGS!!!!

To follow the playoffs or view the schedule and how you can view the games live visit: http://espn.go.com/nhl/

Pavel Datsyuk

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