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Here are my top ten things learned throughout the semester of my Intro to Public Relations class. I enjoyed the class and will take all the new knowledge learned and put it towards my hopeful future as a PR Professional.


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48-Hour Experience

Twitter, twitter, twitter! I was recently assigned to do a 48 hour experience on the website www.twitter.com. I have already been a member of the site from the beginning of the semester when my intro. to PR class had been assigned to create accounts. You can find me at http://twitter.com/dzaremb1

One of the most interesting things I have come to find out that with this social media networking, we can connect to others that are in the same field of work or into the same hobbies. The site is incredibly easy to manage. I would ultimately have to say that the difference between the first half of the semester using twitter and using it now is the fact that my connections have grown and my use for twitter has expanded beyond for entertainment. I have become a leech of social media and the news coming out of the business side of the world.

The thing that still suprises me today is the connections one can make with twitter. I have had direct messages from professionals interested in why I chose PR or where I was attending school. The amazement and gratification of someone getting back in touch with when you made the first effort is great.

Through twitter I have also found out that blogs are actually interesting! I follow several of my classmates through twitter and their blogs, but I have also come to be interested in the twitter accounts and blogs of those people that are already in the work place and have jobs that are either the same or related to my major of public relations. On blog I would recommend to check out is John Cass’s blog http://pr.typepad.com/. Cass is a marketer, he writes about social media, PR, and corporate blogging. You can also find him on twitter, with interesting facts from his job in Boston at http://twitter.com/johncass. Also, check out VCUPR, a company on twitter, directly engaging with anyone and everyone that is interested in Public relations. You can find them at http://explore.twitter.com/VCUPR.  Another company that is out of good ole Beverly Hills, CA is NVSPR, you can find them at http://explore.twitter.com/NVSPR. Their goal, “NVS Public Relations vision is to elevate premium lifestyle, entertainment, films, fashion, consumer products and talent into a new progressive direction”. Its interesting to view their pages and check out their comments to see whats new in their corporations world, what they have accomplished or what they plan to accomplish.

All around I want to continue my twitter my experience, it has provided me with connections with people in my field of study that have been priceless. I have found more information about today’s business world using twitter then I have from college. It is an amazing experience and I hope for the good fortune with the site in the near future.

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In my PRCA 2330 class we were asked towatch a video on Seth Godin, the author of the book tribes and then after give our feedback. The video was altogether interesting and I recommend everyone interested in today’s society watch it! It can be found at: http://blog.mixergy.com/seth-godin-tribe/.

Mr. Godin began with how corporations and companies back in the day used interuption through company advertisement to get the population to by their products. They did this through literally bugging the consumer enough and interupting their daily lives enough until they gave up and committed to purchasing the product or products. Even though Godin insisted that this form of reeling in the consumer was in his day, I can not help but to notice the advertisements in today’s age being very similar to what he described. The car billboards with zero due at signing, or the burger king ads for the all new 100% chicken breast sandwich. I found this an interesting introduction because I did not really see how this related to his main topic of tribes. Yet, he shows the viewer that it does.

He stated that people BUY meaning, after they purchase food and shelter, they insist on purchasing what they want over what they need. Part of being in a tribe is the notion of being accepted, belonging  to a group makes a person feel good, it is a fundamental element of a human being. This is a key aspect of having what people want over what they need. I related the acceptance into agroup to my previous career in high school. There were always clicks: the jocks, cheerleaders, bookworms, etc. Yet, everyone was pleased with who they were involved with.

 Here we see a tribe, the Knight’s of Columbus. As Godin states, the people did not creat or join this tribe because they get paid to do so, instead it is the satisfaction and feeling they get out of belonging to a tribe. Tribes are groups of people that share something in common, as we see fom the tribe above that is religion.

What I took from the video of Seth Godin’s presentation on tribes was a realization. I realized that I have wanted and yearned in certain aspects of my life to be a part of something, a group, or a tribe. The satisfaction that it brough me was finally getting what I wanted over the fact of if I really needed it. It was a connection of people that shared what they felt as common interests or goals. The tribes video was enlightening and very enjoyable.

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Today I interviewed a professor that has and still is involved with PR. I took a lot from this assignment in my PRCA 2330 class. First, the task at hand seemed to me at first like it would be awkward because of not knowing or never meeting the person that you were interviewing first. And such was my case. I had never talked with or met Prof. Groover before today and I am glad that I did. She is a very intelligent and hilarious lady. The interview was not stressful or uncomfortable at all. I felt as if I was having a conversation with a teacher or friend that I have a strong relationship with. This was the most satisfying part of the interview. Lastly, I laughed quite a lot which I did not see happening going into the interview.

D: What is a typical week like?

G: Well that depends on where you work, what time of year it is, and several other factors. With my job title some intersting things pop up in certain weeks. Like compling the Dean’s List and Marketing and helping out with the campus concerts like Brad Paisely. I am also the editor for the faculty and staff news letter titled, “This Week”, so that comes with responsibilities of meeting deadlines and making sure everything meets approval.

D: Tell me about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of?

G: I write for the alumni magazine, and have interviewed with some very interesting and successful people which is a very fun aspect of my job. Also, I love dealing with organizing and helping with the concerts. I helped facilitate the meet and greet with the students and the band Three Doors Down. That was a treat because they were not the typical rockstars that they are labeled. They were down to earth.

D: How important is writing in you career?

G: It’s very, very important! Know how to write in the AP style format. Format’s change frequently where you work regarding the press releases so you need to learn how to write and write the right way.

D: What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

G: Again, know the AP style! Make sure you have a guideline book of the style to reference back to if you are having trouble. You need to proof read, proof read, proof read! Once I was writing about an event and meant to put in that “they had a very public event”, instead it turned out to say, “they had a very pubic event”. Get a co-worker or someone that is not tied to the work proof read for you as well. You may not catch all your own errors.

D: What do you keep current in the PR industry?

G: I would say teaching, preparing for classes through real world scenarios and tactics. I also keep up through e-mails and blogs here and there.

D: Did your education prepare you well enough for working in PR?

G: That’s hard to say. I didn’t go straight into the field of PR. Education helped me a great deal, but getting into the industry and gaining work experience was essential.

D:If you had the duty of hiring for an entry-level PR position, what would make a candidate stand out?

G: Writing skills. Their cover letter and resume must stand out with good examples of their writing abilities. They would also have to submit a well put together protfolio with specific examples of their writing samples. Also, how they present themselves: how they dress, talk, answer questions, ask questions (keep it business savy). I would give them a small scenario: Given a situation, what would you do?

At the end of the Q&A I found myself with more questions then before and we sat and talked a while. I found out that the field of PR would suit me well. I am now more interested then before. Talking with someone one on one who has been there and done that reassured me that I could do the same. I realized the oppurtunities for a hard worker and the lengths to which one can go with dedication to the field. It was all in all an awesome experience and I hope to encounter more while I am here at GSU.

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We all know that when that call comes in about the job you applied for wether it be at PetCo or a big business oppurtunity the nerves start to pour out. Most people including myself should have a checklist so that they do not make a mistake or embarass others and themselves while pursuing a career. Top ten interviewing tips in my mind would have to be:

1. Dress Professionally: I know, I know…most people think that a job should not be decided by the clothing on your back or the shoes on your feet, but to make a great first impression and to show you mean business goes a long way.

2. Turn off all electronic devices: The lifelines most be turned off to avoid having to make excuses like, oops! I forgot to turn my cell off. Its only for a little bit and this makes it all the more special when you can turn on your celly and call friends to let them know you got the J-O-B!

3. Research the company: You want to know a little bit about the business before you head inot this thing blind. Shows you’re interested in the present and future well being of your possible employer.

4. Write a thank you note: Preferably hand written. This will show you are concerned about the position and that you are greatful to have had the interview.

5. Stand Up: whenever someone enters the room even during the interview always stand up and greet them regardless if it’s a male or female it shows respect and common courtesy.

6. Be consistant: Even if the interview is over and the interviewer has not called back yet, give them a call just to show how interested you really are and that you are not giving up on the job.

7.  Be positive: Confidence is a great attribute to have. If you go into the interview thinking you won’t get the job your responses and conversation may be flushed out and replaced with a lazy presentation, which just may not be what the company is looking for.

8. Talk clearly and calmly: Treat the interview as any normal convo you might hold with a friend minus the slang and cursing. You need to show these people your personality and that you are indeed human and not a robot. Be clear in your speech and don’t over elaborate with details.

9.  Ask Questions: Not too many! But it is good to ask questions, it shows your level of interest and that you are a thinker.

10.  Be on time: Be there or be square. The ob doesn’t wait for you you more than likely are waiting for the job, be persistent in arriving on time. My advice would be to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Do all these and maybe just maybe you may find yourself pulling in a few figures this year!

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Wag The Dog

In this movie the viewer sees an inside on spinning the media and the public’s opinion, each of which are accomplished through the government’s will. The spinmaster, Robert De Niro, embodies situationalist in the value orientations discussed in chapter three. De Niro depicts the situationalists because he believes that each decision he makes for the President’s image is based on what will cause the least amount of harm or most amount of good. He also holds many characteristics that one may say he can be described as all three: the absolutist, existentialist, or situationalist. I have taken some of his actions throughout the movie to be leaning more toward the situationalist. Although I may be wrong everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Now, an example that shows his fast acting choice making that will be quick and successful is to have a fake war with Albainia to take the sexual scandal involving the president off the publics mind. This is a spin, a story, it is the first thing that came to De Niro’s mind to distract the public. The nation always rallies behind their leader in a time of war. In this case De Niro is playing the situationalist. Deciding a cover up that will cause the least harm to the Presidents image while gaining support for him during the upcoming election due to the war. The first law his character has broken in the PRSA Code of Ethis is honesty. De Niro’s character, Conrad, is not being honest with the public. He also disregards the disclosure of communication at the same time. Conrad does not use communication with the nation, instead he is secretive only associating himself with the President’s inner circle to clear the mess up. All this leading the viewer to believe that he would be labeled ny the PRSA Code of Ethics as UNETHICAL. What I took from the title is tat a dog shows its emotion through wagging it’s tail and in reverse to get a positive result that you want out of the dog at your specific time of interest sometimes you have to Wag the Dog. It is significant in the way that throughout the movie that is what De Niro is doing wagging the public, making them eat out of the palm of his hand for instance. He is making them believe things that are not true in the slightest manner to get the affect the President desires. In my positive opinion I loved the movie! I thought it showed an inside on real obstacles one might incounter in this field. I thought some things were blown a little out of proportion like hiring a movie director in Dennis Hopper to make a movie of an Albanian village under attack. Yet, I am not in the field and don’t know what a company or person you work for may ask you to do.

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PR Pioneers

Today in class we got into groups and discussed certain topics about early PR all the way up to PR today. My topic was PR pioneers and it was the topic that I found to be most interesting and to share on my blog site. So many interesting figures that I had already heard about, but did not know they used PR in their lifetimes is what really caught my attention. And others that I had never heard of, but have used PR to benefit a business or a personal cause. The first that really caught my eye was Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first president to make extensive use of news conferences and press interviews to gain public support in times of need. I found this to be interesting because I never knew that a president held in such high regards as Roosevelt was and still is was the one of the first people to utilize such material. Secondly, I found out information about an icon in PR that I have never heard of before, Ivy Lee. He was said to create the first public relations counsel and the first person to use press releases. Lee also helped several companies and well known people of the era become successful. Such as: Anthracite Coal Roads and Mines Company during a worker strike, the Pennsylvania Railroad hired him as a publicity counselor to handle media relations, and the Rockerfeller family’s Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. All amazing achievments through the field of work I hope to some day be associated with. This influenced me even more to go into this field because it’s people helping people and that is what I am all about.

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