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I’m a Gamer

So when I’m not dedicating all my time to chasing women and aspiring to be the next big pop star I definitely dedicate my time to video games. I recently just bought and beat the new game God of War III in three days. What? I’m a college kid, and they are addicting.

I love all games from adventure to sports. Right now me and my roommates are doing three-way dynasties in both Madden 2010 and MLB The Show 2010. These games are awesome in the way that you can compete against all your friends either in the same location or room or with online gaming which allows gamers to connect from long distances. SWEEEEEEEET!

These videos games give me a time to cut loose and enjoy a bit of relaxation…well until I start loosing and then the screaming commences. I strongly recommend for those of you who don’t already have one, buying a PS3 or an XBOX 360 so that you can experience the glorious world of gaming.

Below is a video of the new video game MLB The Show 2010.


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3 Weeks…Really?

The past three weeks have been crazy and unbearable. Here is the skinny, I have had a severe chronic cough for the past three weeks. Yes it has been awful and no I haven’t had a peaceful night sleep in a long time. I have yet to go to the doctor because I wanted to see if I could knock the cold out by myself in the first week. Let me just say that the traditional medicine hasn’t been effective.

On top of being sick for the first week I was sick in Destin, Florida while on my spring break. “Ain’t nothing gonna slow me down”. The cold was put on the backburner during my funfilled time in Destin. I was able to enjoy myself to an extent and managed to deal with the sickness for the time being.

I am now entering into my third week and it seems as if the cold in growing progressing into a bigger nastier one. It sucks and I wish this upon nobody. So my little bit of advice before I sign off tonight. 1) Drink lots of water and juices. 2) Vitamins are a plus. 3) Always wash your hands. I have a feeling that one of these 3 were the reason why I have been plagued with this cold for the past three weeks. Goodnight world!

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Hello again. Last post that I updated I was contemplating whether or not I was going to head down to Destin, Florida for a whole week. The problem with that was that I didn’t want to partake in a whole week of constant partying, etc. I know pretty lame right?

Well, come to find out someone that I am rather close with is heading down to Destin mid-week and has offered to give me a ride to my desired destination. YES! I jumped on the offer. I am now satisfied,and I no longer feel lame.

Before I head out to my fun-filled three day vacation I am also excited about the release of a much anticipated video game, God of War III. I will be at Walmart ready to purchase my copy on Tuesday. So, my break is looking pretty good, not only will I be heading to Florida, I will also be playin a bad a** game when I come back. SWEEEEET!!!

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Spring Break

I feel incredibly lame right now. Me and my roommates were plnning on doing it big for the upcoming spring break holiday. In the midst of all the excitement and chaos one of them got a job and has training through the week and the other one just doesn’t want to do anything at all. So, I now have began to scramble to try and find any other associates that I can possibly tag along with.

Needless to say my search has been unsuccessful. I am now constantly thinking as the break gets closer about how much fun I’m going to miss out on. Pretty stupid really, but also pretty truthful. I have found a spot with some kids I used to go to high school with. They are going to Destin, Florida. Amazing….wrong! They are going from this coming saturday to the saturday before school starts. A whole week. Some people may thin thisis cool, but a whole week of buying food, drinks, and the nightlife adds up.

So, I am faced with a difficul decision. Should I stay or should I go? This needs to be decided in the next hour or so because they host of the trip needs to gather all the money from everyone taking part in the adventure. Who knows what my answer will be. Until next time.

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So, I have been going to college for four years now. I am supposed to be graduating this semester, but that is not an option anymore. I was too busy taking only twelve hours of classes a semester instead of the keeping on track. Now I have a predicament in front of me. I’m not going to graduate on time and all of the people that I consider my friends will be leaving after this semester.

I looked at this situation in two different ways. First, oh shit! All my friends are going to be moving on to new opportunities and unlimited possibilities, while I am going to be stuck here for another year. Second, maybe this is a good thing. I can focus on classes and maybe in this time actually get out of the non-stop party mode that I’m in and search for job opportunities.

While pondering over this for sometime, a light from the heavens above shined down on me. My sister called me with a new venture her and her fiancee are looking into. They want to open up a restaurant in the next year or so but they want to still keep the jobs tey already have. Ok. Well, come to find out the both want me to run it when I get out of college. WHAT!!! I nearly threw up. I made sure it wasn’t some cruel joke or just something that they wanted to do but were not set on yet. Thankfully it was no joke and they are seriously looking into it.

So, maybe this extra year of being in school isn’t so bad after all. I mean seiously, how many kids get to be their own boss right out of college? I’m going to take a guess, close to none. So, my bit of advice for the day, with a bit of bad news there is always some good news that follows it up.

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Well my worst nightmare came true at 3:15 sunday afternoon. The Canadian Olympic hockey team handed the U.S. team their first defeat of the tournament, resulting in the U.S. to settle for silver.

Team Canada had a two to one lead late in the third period. With just seconds left on the clock, the U.S. pulle goal keeper Ryan Miller and had an extra attacker on the ice. A shot was thrown at goal keeper Roberto Lungo, a rebound with two seconds left in the game at the front of the net, Zach Parise for the U.S. smashes it home. The game is tied, the crowd is in shock and a frenzy!

Needless to say I was stunned, in the midst of my celebration with my roommates. So we go to overtime. I’m thinking of course the momentum is on our side, there is no way we can lose now, its destiny. I was wrong. About five or six minutes into the overtime period Canada’s forecheck and pressure was too much. Jerome Iginla of the Canadians poke checked a puck away from our defenseman and it left Sideny Crosby with a one on one with U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller. He goes five-hole, Canada wins! This was the last thing I heard or watched before changing the channel. I am a big time hockey fan and this was devastating.

I must say though I am extremely proud of our boys in red, white, and blue. They gave it their all. The youngsters should true talent, as well as amazing leadership from our veterans. I can say this though, hockey is not or no longer “Canada’s Game”. This battle proves that!

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