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Oh Canada!

So this past Tuesday I wrote about the beat down the U.S. hockey teamed placed on team Canada. Well yesterday were the games that actually mattered. The quarterfinal games. The games that mattered to me particularly were Canada vs. Russia and U.S. vs. Switzerland. The reason being for the U.S. game is because I am American and love hockey. The reason behind the Canada game is because I wanted to watch them lose and be eliminated from the tournament.

So as it happened the U.S. struggled against a team that they should have handled with ease. The final was 2-0, but if you viewed the game you could tell that the team wasn’t playing up to the best of their abilities. The shocker of the night was that Canada laid a good ole fashion ass-whooping on Russia 7-3, this is jaw dropping because both of these teams were picked to either win silver or gold.

Now the story unfolds. The U.S. has one more team to beat as well as Canada and if it all pans out there will be a rematch of the last preliminary game between the two. I will not deny it, I will be so hyped for that game. I have some nerves about this because Canada has come on hot after their loss to the U.S. and if a rematch does occur they will be looking for revenge. All in all this is the match up I want to see for the gold medal game.


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USA vs. Canada

So, if you did not catch the beat down that the U.S. hockey team put on Canda I feel incredibly sorry for you. It was amazing! We have not beaten team Canada in hockey since the 1960 winter games.

I mean I was jacked! I was talking trash to the Canadian players on my television screen. I wanted to check Sidney Crosby through the glass. I wanted to be out there with my fellow Americans, trying to keep my balance on skates as we celebrated the victory. But, my living room sufficed.

We won the game in style, 5-3. The game was full of entertainment. Hard hitting, glorious goals, and great goaltending. Now we have a bye game before we face the winner of Belarus vs. Switzerland in the quaterfinals. And if we succeed in that game we won’t have to face any tough opponents (Russia, Canada, or Sweden) until the gold medal game.

I would encourage all of you to try and watch at least one of the olympic hockey games if possible. They are full of pride and energy and if you are at all like me that will transfer through that TV and jack you up. Let’s Go America!!!

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2:10 a.m.


So, I was thinking all afternoon what i was going to write my blog over. Then after that had failed me I began to think all evening. And still nothing! Now its 2:10 a.m. and I still am drawing a blank. I guess I will just cover the topic of our second outdoor intramural soccer game.

We play at six every thursday night. My team, The Green Street Hooligans, are what most kids that have been in the intramurals as long as we have would call a very good squad. Not to brag but I think that would be an understatement. Most of the team has played together since high school and we picked up a few players here and there that we’ve met throughout previous seasons to strengthen our team.

Tonight the game started out good, we were up 2-1 at the end of the first half. In the second half we scored two more goals within the first five minutes, and when I say we I mean I netted these two beauties. When we thought the game had been sealed up the opposing team got two goals as well. We dodged a bullet getting a late goal and surviving a scare and potential upset. All in all I think we played well, still shaking out any cobwebs and working out the kinks, after all it was only the secong game of the season.

Well I hope that this post was interesting enough for my viewers, if not, tune in next time for a more exciting story or post.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone should listen to Kid Cudi’s latest album. It falls under the genres of hip-hop/rap/electronic craziness; at least that is the genre category I would place it under. The album has been out for several months now, but I have recently been introduced to the artist as well as his music. The person who introduced me to this insightful artist was my little sister, of all people, I would have never guessed it.

Yet, I am so very grateful that she dropped this musical knowledge on me. A big shout out to my lil’ sis. Several songs featured on his album Man on the Moon: The End of Day are radio hits such as Day and Night, which has proven to be a fan favorite. I like the song, but as I feel about most music, it is the songs that aren’t played over and over on the radio that are the true masterpieces. On this particular CD I believe such songs as Prayer, Pursuit of Happiness, and Make Her Say truly make the CD one of the best albums of the year.

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Hello world! So, many people like several different genres of music, then there are those who strictly subscribe to one genre of music. As for those people who don’t want to or don’t feel they need to expand their musical horizons I feel sorry for them. I am a strong believer in trying to find the beauty and awesomeness (not a word) in all types of music. Whether it be rap, rock, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, punk, jazz, classical, or even opera. Each one has several different attributes to offer our ears. All we need to do is explore and be open to new ideas of what truly is good music.

A few people and bands that I have been listening to lately are as follows: The Sleeping, Academy Is, BlocParty, Head Automatica, Passion Pit, Big Pun, Blink 182, Modest Mouse, Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, The Cool Kids, Asher Roth, Jimmy Hendrix, The Who, Frankie Valley and the list goes on and on and on. My musical library is a vast and stretched over a wide variety of different genres. Allowing me to have a smooth, yet funky melody at one point with Modest Mouse’s Float On then jam out to Lil Wayne and Eminem’s latest duo of Drop the World. I love it. My library plays a big part in my mood, depends on how I feel normally as to what I’m in the mood to hear.

I uploaded a few videos of two artists that I have been listening to lately I hope you guys and gals enjoy. And if i could advise one thing for my readers to try, it would be to try listening to something out of your ordinary music knowledge or genres that you perfer. Thanks!

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Do you ever wake up in the morning from an awesome dream, and in the middle of your grogy state-of-mind you still think your a millionaire with twenty cars lining your garage, celebrity friends and beautiful woman surrounding you constantly. My friends that is the world I want to live in.

Remember watching your favorite sport or rather you favorite player and wanting to be him/her for a day? Yes/No. Wishing that you could run as fast, dunk the ball, or hit a home run. For most men and I believe some women this is an evident fantasy in our society. Wouldn’t it be cool, to switch places. Yes. That’s the world I want to live in.

So, the reason that I started my blog off in this fashion for today’s post was due to the fact that I recently viewed the movie Super Bad (for the first time in a while), and the title of today’s blog is one of my favorite lines of the whole entire movie (line delivered by actor Michael Cera). After the laugh-fest was over with I truly took this line to heart thinking of all my made-up fantasies and how I wished/wish they would come true if not for eternity then at least an hour to thirty minutes.

I believe that everybody has a dream that they wish they could live out for a day or an hour, that’s why this line stuck with me. I think aside from the funny context of the conversation the line was surrounded by I believe it holds true to what a lot of people think about when they want to escape reality. This is my little tid bit of information for the start of this new week. When life gets too tough or your thinking about calling it quits in whatever situation you may be involved with take a deep breathe and follow these steps: 1) Day dream or fantasize about what would absolutely make you happy, maybe racing a nascar series, or winning wimbeldon. 2) Enjoy that moment in you mind, cherish it. 3) Say, that is the world i want to live in…

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The Curse Jar

Hello world. Let me start off by saying this up coming weekend should be spectacular. We have the superbowl on Sunday, and you know what that means. Food, Football, and Partying! What a combo. We also have the famed superbowl ads that come during the commercial breaks. I must take the time to give my humbled opinion, wouldn’t television be great if we had these hilarious and entertaining commercials daily?? The answer would more than likely be a resounding…YES. It would save us flipping through from show to show whenever one goes of the air. Saying this I have recently been introduced to a hilarious ad in my introduction to advertising. This is what all commercial ads should mimic, in my mind at least. That is the world I would like to live in one day. The ad is called the curse jar, by Budlight I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think.

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