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So my right hand man Adam had a great promo itme in PR Writing: A staple a stapler…WHAT!? Boom! Exactly, look it up on his blog, it doesnt use staples, but manages to keep your papers intact. Here is the link to the comments the blog is above it: http://adamrosen00.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/the-stapleless-stapler/#comment-41


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So we are nearing the end of the fall semester and the beginning of a new year. I think it only appropriate to say goodbye. First to my PR Writing class, it has been a journey and as we near our final week together. I would just like to say thank you. Thanks for all the laughs and comaradery that was shared behind the doors of room 1005 in Veazy. Good times! Big shout out to my boys who kept it SAUCEY the whole semester: Mr. Rosen, Mr. Pilgrim, Runyanski, and the Feminator¬†(truthfully though the back row held it down). And finally to Prof. Groover, you have taught me a lot over the course of the semester. Like how to get enough warnings in one class that the teacher has to say “the next time I’m going to have to report you to judicial affairs”. Lets be honest after that I toned it down… a little. On a serious note you have been a great teacher and it was a very interesting class, you kept it moving andwhat I liked. Now you are my newly appointed advisor, and a great one at that. To all the lovely ladies that graced PR Writing with their presence I thank you because without you all the boring days may have been hard to get through (I will miss ya’ll). BOOM! Finally, I want to say it has indeed been real, infact maybe one of my top ten favorite classes of my time spent thus far at GSU.

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To sum up what I am thankful for I wiil compile a tope ten list to display my gratitude for the things that bring happiness into my life:

1. Family

2. God

3. Friends

4. Woman

5. Sports

6. Laughter

7. Good health

8. Good Food

9. Music

10. Movies

Just a short list to give thanks before wwe take the journey into the new year. It has been real!

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