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Adam on School Spirit

So my fellow classmate (Adam) and I have the same view toward school spirit, his is a little more humorous than mine but the both tell a sad tale about how we have lost our school spirit for the school we actually attend. Check it out @: http://adamrosen00.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/school-spirit/#comments


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School Spirit

School spirit. I have loads of it. In high school I was a part of the famed Warner Robins Naked Boys. We painted our chests and faces and dressed in ridiculous outfits. Yet, since that time I have had an all-time low of school spirit. Since IĀ arrived at GSU I was all about our sports teams and supporting them along the path to victory. If you can even call it that. Since I have attended GSU we have had a losing record in most sports. I still stuck behind them and thought they they might turn it around. To my demise we haven’t. I have now seen them have another losing record in college football, basketball, soccer, etc. It depletes a college fan’s soul, and eliminate my ability to show school spirit any more.

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I recently read my classmates Sara’s blog on her favorite books, the Twilight series that has driven America and the world nuts for vampires. I have never read any of them, but my sister is a huge fan and the craze around the world just might be enough to tempt me to pick one up someday. To read her post and comments check out: http://sbsullivan.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/ive-been-bitten-by-the-vampire-craze/#comment-32

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One Book…

I actually have one book on my bookshelf. I know not very respectable, but it is an amazing book and one of my favorites. Being interested in organized crime and the mafia, I took a liking Gangsters and Goodfellas: The mob, witness protection, and life on the run. It is an interview and book written by Gus Russo interviewing a famed and very respected mobster Henry Hill. The story of how he was a member of the mafia family to how he sold out his family to save his own skin. True facts, true life story, simply amazing! Everything is included: murder, drugs, sex, power, and downfall.

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