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I read Adam’s blog on Obama and the new health care proposal and he made some interesting points, I encourage you to read his blog comments as well as mine and tell us what you think. You can find his blog at: http://adamrosen00.wordpress.com/2009/09/22/obama-and-health-care/#comment-8


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New Health Care Plan

In reviewing the new health care proposal from the President, I wasn’t too thrilled at all with what I think I diffused from all the techincal terms. To break it down, what I took from this was that the government will be involved in health care on the largest of scales. They will be able to choose your health care, put you in, or pull you out. Basically taking full control over health care and all things that are coincided with it. It seems like an abuse of power to me, that they basically can be the judges and determine ones fate, its no longer in our hands. I don’t neccessarily agree with it, but maybe there are some underlined perks to this new plan that I choose not to see. Yet, as Congressman Rodger’s stated I don’t want to look at my mother or sisters if, God forbid, they become ill with a form of cancer and say sorry you have a lower chance of suvivability because of the new government control within our health care system. This is outrageous!

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Sean’s Post

Sean posted his response to the news article that he found was newsworthy. The issue over the runner that is claimed to be a female, but may be hiding some male parts under all the spandex. I agree that its newsworthy because who doesn’t like a news piece thats full of controversy. It’s wild, you can find the article as well as the comments at: http://runyansean.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/caster-semenya-newsworthy-indeed/#comment-54

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No More Apologies


            For my news article I chose to explain why the Congress man who exclaimed that President Obama is a liar was and still is newsworthy. When it came out this was a hot topic, but this article is dealing with why Republican Joe Wilson will issue no further apology toward President Obama. I found this to be newsworthy merely due to the fact that anyone who has the guts to call the President a liar while he is giving a speech in front of Congress should be written about. Conflict is the main outreach to readers in this article, and on what bigger a stage then between the President and a person of Congress that should back his nation’s leader, regardless of Republican or Democratic. Whether the conflict is handled and it doesn’t escalate I believe that this nation thrives off of conflicts and drama in everyday life.

            I heard of this issue via word-of-mouth from a family member and I had to get the dirt and find out more. On top of the original matter that Rep. Wilson did in fact call the President a liar, this article goes even further into explaining why he will not issue an apology. It also explains to the readers what measures will be taken if he doesn’t go through with an apology. Great news, it hooks the readers into wanting to hear what happens next. In this case making it very newsworthy and helping CNN get more hits on their website, more viewers and readers, and more people checking out the ads and things of that sort while reading their paper. It has it all drama, conflict, and hopefully a solution that will keep readers tuned in until this matter is closed.

Many Facebook and Twitter users condemned Rep. Joe Wilson for his outburst toward President Obama.

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Sean’s Blog

So, my fellow classmate Ryan reported on the issue of his living situation with pets. From his stand point he thinks all pets should be kept outside. I didn’t agree with his post at first and still don’t, but in his situation I could see how you would want the animals kept outside. Its a funny post check it out at: http://runyansean.wordpress.com/2009/09/11/thoughts-on-inside-pets/#comment-46

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Campus Intramurals

Last night was my first preseason flag football game. To say the least, I wasn’t a factor in the whole game. Usually due to my size and speed I play a crucial part in my teams success. Not bragging, its merely the truth. Yet, last night all of our running and option plays got stop early and we strictly stuck to trying to pass the ball. Not only did the opposing team stop our run, but in turn they average about six feet in height, so they stopped our passing game as well. We were down going into the half by a touchdown. Heading into the last half I felt the urge to try in motivate my team. All of my teamates and friends know me for being a very vocal person, so I did just that. I became vocal, maybe too vocal. We tied it up and were on defense and I thought the referee made a pretty horrible call on our cornerback for defensive pass interference. I screamed, “You’re Crazy!” Wrong move it was my second warning and it cost my team a fifteen yard penalty. Due to my previous ejections in intramural soccer I almost ended my collegiate intramural career before the season even started. It was unfortunate, but I feel like the officiating could be better. Don’t get me wrong I know that they aren’t proffessionals and that everyone makes mistakes, but when you make mistakes in every sport and every game, then what’s the point of even having training for the refs. I may just be heated about the siuation, venting or something of that sort. Oh well I’m still allowed to play and I will continue to use my first amendment right and voice my opinion towards the ref if I don’t agree with their decisions on the playing field. What can I say, I guess I’m competitive.

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Justin’s Blog

I read Justin’s blog on defamation and really took an interest on his views about slander and defamation. You can find his blog post as well as my comment at the following address: http://cjustin101.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/defamation/#comment-11

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