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Adam’s Blog

I recently read my fellow classmate, of PR writing, Adam’s blog on securtity and safety on the GSU campus. Like him I really haven’t heard much about the break-ins on campus. He made an excellent point that slipped my mind when I commented on the situation. He said that the rise in crime around campus or the nation for that matter can be linked to the horrific state of America’s economy. I think this is the honest truth and the sole truth, unless people are just getting meaner in todays society. Who knows, but I enjoyed reading this post. You can find it along with the comments at: http://adamrosen00.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/crime-on-campus/#comment-3


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Safety at GSU

So there has recently been some safety issues on the campus of Georgia Southern University. Robberies, break-ins and that sort of thing. So the question is if I think safety plays a major role in me feeling comfortable at my school and any suggestions of what security measures should be taken. To be truthful I haven’t heard of any break ins on campus. I did hear about the robberies that were happening toward the end of last semester and was a little shocked. Regardless, from what I have seen early in this semester is that the law enforcement on campus has stepped up a great deal. This would be my suggestion or recommendation if they hadn’t decided to do so themselves. I feel like student safety is a priority and that they will do everything in their power to uphold that belief.

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New Semester

Starting a new semester it seemed to be the same deal just a different day. being in college for four years now I pride myself on having a grasp on things. Yet, this semester threw a curve ball on the first pitch. There were several classes that I didn’t want to take that I ended up having to due to the fact my first picks were filled up when I was alloted to register for classes. It wasn’t all bad though. I waited patiently and a light dawned on me. Two classes I was hoping to take in the fall semester opened up for me, PR Writing and Laws/Ethics of Mass Communication. Now that I have gained a grasp on my schooling once again I am looking forward to the up and coming semester with high hopes of success.

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