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In my News Reporting and Writing, Journalism, class I had a last minute extra credit assignment. It was to write a 200 to 300 word speech story on JFK’s historical inaugural speech. Delivered on January 20, 1961 Kennedy has been remembered for his speech and what he did in office as one of the greatest presidents of our time. I had never listened or watched the speech entirely. I am glad I had the oppurtunity. Not only did he talk about the plan for America, he stated the endeavors that America was facing: “tryanny, poverty, and war itself”. Kennedy’s accent was captivating, I felt as if he embodied America and his words spoke with conviction and power. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. JFK incorporated Americans and the world alike into a new order, a change in history led with love, dedication, teamwork, and hardwork. I now realize why this inaugural address is held in such high regards. He was an American for the people, let us hope that President Obama is the same.


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Here are my top ten things learned throughout the semester of my Intro to Public Relations class. I enjoyed the class and will take all the new knowledge learned and put it towards my hopeful future as a PR Professional.

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Chapter 16 was also an optional chapter to cover in my intro to PR class. I read it and found some material in it that I could relate to. The book we use is Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. It can be found via this link: http://www.amazon.com/Public-Relations-Strategies-Tactics-9th/dp/020558148X

Something that I found very interesting in this chapter when comparing a news conference with speeches was that news conferences are considered two-way communication, while speeches are considered one-way communication. Also, the book stated that delivering a speech in a hostile audience is the hardest thing for most speakers to do. I can agree with this because I just recently took a public speaking course this past semester. Not that my classmates were hostile, but at first when you don’t know anyone it becomes a little nerve racking and similar to a hostile environment.

I also found out that whenever setting the date and time for a news conference or press conference, times between midmorning and midafternoon are good. Friday afternoon’s are a no-no, as well as days before holidays. I concured with the authors of the book Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, when they pointed out that the first step in speech writing is to research the intended audience of the speech. Visual aids are helpful in speeches due to the fact that sight accounts for 83 percent of what we learn according to authors Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron of Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

This chapter was really cool to read because I could really relate to the section on speeches and I found out a lot of information I did not know about regarding media interviews and news conferences. Down below is a clip from President Obama’s very first news conference, I thought it was a fitting example that showed some highlights from this chapter.

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In the intro to public relations class I am taking this semester we did not cover the last to chapters in the syllabus. It was optional for the students to do, so I figured what the heck, I might learn something! I was right! In my book, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, which can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Public-Relations-Strategies-Tactics-9th/dp/020558148X there were a lot of interesting facts throughout the chapter.

* I found out that Reeses’s Pieces teamed up with the movie E.T. creating the first major product placement in media.

*During a PSA, when a spokesperson or celebrity talks directly into the camera for 30 seconds it is know as talking head.

*A webcast of a news conference or an earnings report should run about 40 minutes, with an additional 15-20 minutes for Q & A.

*VNR’s are the most expensive form of getting a message out via media.

This chapter was interesting with several facts and statistics I didn’t know were aloud and some that aren’t when dealing with radio, television, and the web.

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In reading my weekly article at www.prweek.com I came  across an article that was very interesting. The television network PBS on the verge of launching a PBS video protal, decided to pitch to its viewers and the world that they are a lot “hipper” than some may think. They hired MWW Group last november to help in the task of relaying this message to the public. Kevin Dando, director of digital and educational communications at PBS said, “[The goal of the initiative was] ubiquity, and to get the word out about the player and its features and to really… change people’s perceptions of what PBS is, and the press coverage has done that and more.”  He noted that the AP story on the launch led with “PBS may be cooler than you think.” They even used a Facebook fan page to promote the idea. I found this to be a great improvement for PBS, because from the few times I have watched it, the program material seemed rather dull. Maybe, with the help of MWW Group PBS’s video portal will be the factor to improved ratings or more viewers. If you want to read this article on prweek, follow this link: http://www.prweekus.com/PBS-hopes-video-portal-casts-it-in-a-hipper-shade/article/131421/


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First Amendment

Last week I attended the First Amendment Free Food Festival at Georgia Southern University. I jumped at the sight of a free food flyer and made my way towards the event thursday afternoon. What i didn’t realize before getting to the event was that upon entering you had to sign a form saying that you were willingly giving up your freedom of speech and in return you were getting free food. The event was hosted by the student media at GSU and 18 restaurants participated in the event, including: KFC, Papa Johns, Brusters, and several more from around Statesboro, GA.

When I entered the event I was wearing a hat that was representing the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Upon getting my first slice of pizza the rugby team at GSU, who were the security for the event, approached me and told me to take my hat off. “There is no advertising,” said one of the players. I thought about rebelling, but they were bug and had strength in numbers. Also at the same time I was being ordered to remove my hat a girl was being thrown out of the event for unknown reasons. This was enough for me to keep quiet and remove my hat until I finished with my food.

After I left I was full and had a good time at the festival. It was interesting to me, but I will never ever in a million years give my freedom of speech up for anything. It was a cool experience and I was glad to attend the event!

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The Sweep

This weekend has been a great weekend. Besides spending it with my family, the Detroit Red Wings hockey team pulled the fabeled sweep in NHL playoffs. Being the defending Stanley Cup champions, it is said that the team that wins the championship the year before has trouble even making it out of the the first round of the playoffs. Not only did the boys in red make it out of the first series against Columbus, they did it in style. They won four straight games in a row and will move on to the next round. playing the winner of San Jose and Anahiem. We have set the pace for this years playoffs, never trailing in a single game of the first series and posting scores no less than four throughout all four games. I have been able to breathe and relax unlike last year when I barely had any finger nails to bite on before the second round even commenced. Visit www.espn.com to check out the latest hockey news and to view the up and coming second round match ups. Go Wings!!!

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