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I recently commented on Lindsay Addison’s blog post referring to facebook, myspace, and twitter. It stated that Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom is offering a master’s degree in the three communication networks listed above. Although, the progam would run the students a hefty sum. I commented and said if it weren’t for the fact that it was so expensive, the college would only have one major! Lindsay also posted a link on Prof. Nixon’s blog about a site where high quality podcasts are located. I used it and oddly enough the one I used was dealing with facebook. I found this article and podcast that I viewed on the same day an ironic coinsidence. If you are interested in the full story visit Lindsay’s blog at: http://lindsayaddison.wordpress.com/2009/03/31/british-university-offers-masters-degree-in-facebook/#comment-9


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Managing the Gray

I listened to a podcast today from the website http://managingthegray.com. There were several podcasts via the website that I tuned in to. The podcast that caught my attention the most was titled Facebook Pages & Media Hackers. The podcast was hosted by C.C. Chapman.

Chapman talked about two different topics, hence the title. He started off with talking about a new addition to the Facebook website. He started that facebook started a fan page. This is for “brands” C.C. Chapman stated. Brands are individual, product, service, or company. This is like a profile page for a more broad category, not just one person. “This is going to force brands to be more social,” said Chapman. Thus, they are going to have to post whats going on in their end of the world and be open to comments and responses from the public. Chapman said that facebook can’t be ignored any matter who you are and his podcast was talking proof of that. I learned that facebook created this because companies can’t have a profile, you must be “a human” in Chapman’s words, to obtain one of these communication connectors. It suprised me that companies have not tried to find a way around this because it seems to me that every person or company wants to get a message out or hype a product or service. So, now these fan pages provide this service for such users of the program. I would like to follow C.C. Chapman more. This was my first time listening in and I enjoyed it very much, enough to make me want to visit the website again.




In his second topic he “pimped” a new podcast called Media Hacks. Chapman labeled it as coffee chat. It is him and several friends talking about media. Chapman described what it was and hoping for more viewers, so if you’re interested you can find it at www.mediahacks.org. The Media Hacks topic was brief, but I now want to know more and what kinds of media they discuss, so I think I’m going to try it out as well. All in all this was the first time that I have listened to a podcast besides the ones listened to in my PRCA 2330 class and quite frankly I enjoyed it and will continue to listen!

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I comment on katie’s blog about tribes: http://katiecrawford.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/seth-godin-on-tribes/#comment-5. I found it to be much of the same material I used in my blog post. We both didn’t truly understand the meaning of trines or what they were until viewing Seth Godin’s lecture. Oh the things you can learn via the interent, it’s kind of like how Seth said that the internet connects tribes, similar to wordpress. It is connecting millions of people.

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CrossWord Puzzle

Yesterday in my PRCA 2330 class we did a crossword puzzle. Sure it brought back childhood memories, but it tested my memory just as much. The puzzle consisted of hints that were companies, products, and brand’s slogans or catch phrases used in their advertisements. Surprisingly I knew most of the answers. It was shocking that I could remember these slogans from the television, billboards, and radio. The reason it was shocking to me was that I can’t ever recall myself ever truly paying attention. Yet, “so easy a caveman could do it” or “snack, crackle, pop” all clicked in my mind and I soon completed the puzzle before we went over the answers. I thought this was a fun activity and it was brain food, triggering my memory and testing it at the same time.

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The Sun Also Rises

My english class was assigned to read the first seventy pages of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I have heard of the book before and was actually excited because of the good reviews from previous readers. Unfortunately, my opinion changed shortly after the first twenty pages. It wasn’t that the story was boring or not interesting enough, in fact it was very interesting, the parts I understood. That was the problem the dialogue was hard to follow and I couldn’t keep up with who was talking. It seems to have all the potential of a great read, and I’m sure it is, because Hemingway is a well renound author. If anyone out there has a preview or any advice over book one of The Sun Also Rises I would be extremely grateful. If not then I will keep plugging away, maybe check out some spark notes, who knows.

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I commented on Matt Mauney’s Wag The Dog post. I randomly picked his out to see if our posts had any related points in them. To my surprise thay did! As I am sure several of our classmates would agree with that the movie was a little over board on fabricating the truth. Here is Matt’s link to view his blog post on the movie, I encourage you to compare yours with mine or his and see if you can find any relations: http://mattmauney.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/wag-the-dog-response/#comment-6

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John Cass

Today I read an interesting post from John Cass. It was basically about him getting situated into his new job at ideaLaunch. He explained how the first day went. Meeting the heads of different departments and ultimately going over the goals that the company has.

It was a cool post because, here is a guy that is just starting off at a job listing some everyday things that a job entails and what you can expect from a first days work. I enjoyed it a lot! Here is the link to John Cass’s blog: http://pr.typepad.com/pr_communications/2009/03/getting-up-to-speed-at-my-new-marketing-job-at-idealaunch-in-boston.html

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