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Wag The Dog

In this movie the viewer sees an inside on spinning the media and the public’s opinion, each of which are accomplished¬†through the government’s will. The spinmaster, Robert De Niro, embodies situationalist in the value orientations discussed in chapter three. De Niro depicts the situationalists because he believes that each decision he makes for the President’s image is based on what will cause the least amount of harm or most amount of good. He also holds many characteristics that one may say he can be described as all three: the absolutist, existentialist, or situationalist. I have taken some of his actions throughout the movie to be leaning more toward the situationalist. Although I may be wrong everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Now, an example that shows his fast acting choice making that will be quick and successful is to have a fake war with Albainia to take the sexual scandal involving the president off the publics mind. This is a spin, a story, it is the first thing that came to De Niro’s mind to distract the public. The nation always rallies behind their leader in a time of war. In this case De Niro is playing the situationalist. Deciding a cover up that will cause the least harm to the Presidents image while gaining support for him during the upcoming election due to the war. The first law his character has broken in the PRSA Code of Ethis is honesty. De Niro’s character, Conrad, is not being honest with the public. He also disregards the disclosure of communication at the same time. Conrad does not use communication with the nation,¬†instead he is secretive only associating himself with the President’s inner circle to clear the mess up. All this leading the viewer to believe that he would be labeled ny the PRSA Code of Ethics as UNETHICAL. What I took from the title is tat a dog shows its emotion through wagging it’s tail and in reverse to get a positive result that you want out of the dog at your specific time of interest sometimes you have to Wag the Dog. It is significant in the way that throughout the movie that is what De Niro is doing wagging the public, making them eat out of the palm of his hand for instance. He is making them believe things that are not true in the slightest manner to get the affect the President desires. In my positive opinion I loved the movie! I thought it showed an inside on real obstacles one might incounter in this field. I thought some things were blown a little out of proportion like hiring a movie director in Dennis Hopper to make a movie of an Albanian village under attack. Yet, I am not in the field and don’t know what a company or person you work for may ask you to do.


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PR Pioneers

Today in class we got into groups and discussed certain topics about early PR all the way up to PR today. My topic was PR pioneers and it was the topic that I found to be most interesting and to share on my blog site. So many interesting figures that I had already heard about, but did not know they used PR in their lifetimes is what really caught my attention. And others that I had never heard of, but have used PR to benefit a business or a personal cause. The first that really caught my eye was Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first president to make extensive use of news conferences and press interviews to gain public support in times of need. I found this to be interesting because I never knew that a president held in such high regards as Roosevelt was and still is was the one of the first people to utilize such material. Secondly, I found out information about an icon in PR that I have never heard of before, Ivy Lee. He was said to create the first public relations counsel and the first person to use press releases. Lee also helped several companies and well known people of the era become successful. Such as: Anthracite Coal Roads and Mines Company during a worker strike, the Pennsylvania Railroad hired him as a publicity counselor to handle media relations, and the Rockerfeller family’s Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. All amazing achievments through the field of work I hope to some day be associated with. This influenced me even more to go into this field because it’s people helping people and that is what I am all about.

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Twitter: The Real Deal

Twitter, twitter, twitter. At first honestly I thought that this was a crazy idea to have as a requirement for a class. Now that I’ve been using twitter for a few weeks and began to become more familar with it I have noticed the perks of using twitter. Twitter offers a wide variety of usages. One can simply use it in the form of a myspace or a facebook, simply for a communication site for friends and families. It is also full of ways to make connections in the work force and also to see what the new haps in certain industries and the world are. For instance, in our class we had to connect with at least five people that are related in the PR field or some sort of business. I followed Rick Sanchez, the CEO from Zappos, and the GM of Ford. This was an amazing experience! Even they are followed by thousands and can’t always get back to comments, it’s always entertaining to see what they post and whats going on in their line of work or everyday lives. One reason that I am going to keep my twitter account open after my intro to PR class is all the information you can gain from the site. It’s is almost like a news station for everyday people. Also, it is fun. Keeping up with classmates is easy if you miss class, assignments are easy to recieve and see what you missed in the class session. Twitter is the first informative communication I have been associated with and I plan on using it for a long while especially if I plan to go into the PR field. It is the informative and influencial myspace and facebook.

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