Game 7

As I stated before in a post I’m a big Detroit Red Wings hockey fan. Todays game took place on NBC at two o’clock. It is a best of seven game series and Detroit went into the game leading the series 3-2; being alloted the chance to close out the series on home ice and advance to the western conference semi-finals.

Unfortunately, my Wings got thrashed at home. The final score was Phoenix 5 and Detroit 1. The opening period proved to be promising we had three power plays, meaning Phoenix had to play a man down for the majority of the period. With this bit one would think Detroit took the lead early. Instead Phoenix acquired a short-handed goal to put them up one nothing and they never looked back.

Today I was honestly looking forward to writing about a Detroit victory and the chance to preview the next series. That will have to come later. Game seven is scheduled for Tuesday night in Phoenix. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. Phoenix will have home ice, but Detroit has a 7-4 victory and a 4-1 victory in their house. Also, the travel out west at times is considered a long one and can have its effect on the visiting squad.

I have my full faith in the boys in red. This is the 19th straight playoffs that we have made and half our team has played in big games like these. The veterans will have to come out swinging to rival the youth and speed of Phoenix. It can all be watched on the channel Versus or followed on the internet via ESPN. Lets Go Wings!


The NHL Playoffs

I am a huge hockey fan. I am from Michigan and was raised to love the Detroit Red Wings hockey organization. This was simple enough. I have fallen in love with the game of hockey. It doesn’t nearly get enough credit and coverage for how demanding and amazing of a sport it truly is. The hockey playoffs have just begun and i have been an avid watcher of my team.

So far in the first round series against the Phoenix Coyotes we have gone down 2-1 in the best-of-seven series. I have full faith that my boys in red will be able to pick up there game and close out the first round in style.

It has been tradition in Detroit to make the playoffs when it comes to hockey. They out-beat any sports team in making it to the playoffs for consecutive years. I believe that this trip marked the nineteenth or twentieth year in a row.

What would cap this spectacular occasion would to bring home the Stanely Cup. It is the prized possession for winning the whole thing. I will be watching my Wings throughout the playoffs and hope to see them bring home the cup.

Lefty Wins The Masters

I started golfing around thirteen. I wasn’t very good then and haven’t improved much since. Yet, I love the game of golf. Some say its boring or not exciting, I see it for what it truly is, thrilling. If you can hit a tiny ball into a cup with the circumference the size of a glass that you would drink out of, it is simply amazing.

This past week/weekend was the golf tournaments of all golf tournaments, The Masters. Spring time and the Masters go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. The beauty of the golf course is enough to keep non-golf lovers to stay tuned in for a few minutes. The colors seem brighter more vivid through this course located in Augusta, Georgia.

Due to my dad and uncle being big golf fans of Phil Mickelson, I grew up a big fan of “Lefty” as well. Phil did not upset his fans, he finished in first place on sunday finishing the eighteenth hole with a birdie to finish with an amazing – 16 and the recipient of a third green jacket.

In my time as a college student I have put together some ridiculously wierd, yet, great tasting meals in my life. I will now list these magnificent delicacies explaining what you will need to make these treats yourself.

  1. Peanut butter, neutella (chocolate paste), and banana sandwich. Yummy!
  2. Bubba burger patty, swiss and american cheeses, bacon, ham, and egg sandwich.
  3. Scrambled eggs with a mixture of hot sauce and cheese added while still in the pan. Put eggs on toast, add bacon. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup in bowl for sauce, add to the sandwich. Personal Favorite.
  4. Hot dog wrapped in cheese, add relish to bottom of the bun, slide in to strips of carmalized bacon (add brown sugar while frying it) on both sides of the bun, add desired topping.
  5. Pasta noodles with alfredo sauce, sliced chicken, spreaded in a pan and bacon bits on the top, put in the oven for fifteen minutes to bake. F-ing Awesome!!!

A Little Snippet

This summer has a lot in store for me. I will be partaking in my sister’s wedding in July. I will be vacationing with my roommate in Madrid, Spain, awesome! I will be vacationing at a beach house in Michigan.

Come to think about it this summer could possibly hold the most excitement than any other summer I have been apart of. I plan on being well lathered in sunscreen as to protect my sensitive skin, better safe than sorry. I also plan on cutting loose a bit before I come back for my last year of college. I really don’t know what cutting loose means, but I’m sure I’ll find out.

I look forward to my new adventure that will take place summer 2010. It should be very exciting with the celebration of the joining of two great families and all the traveling that will take place before and after.

Beautiful Honey Babies

At GSU with the beautiful weather comes an amazing sight to be seen, lovely women in their summer attire. One word, spectacular. Yes, I came to GSU to gain a higher education, but little did I know what the spring and summer seasons would bring. Beautiful girls left and right, up and down, everywhere I turn. It is truly inspiring. Ahhhhh…I love this place.

Life of Pi

I am no big reader, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not the type of person that reads many books only out of mere enjoyment, although on occasion I’ve been know to do so. In my Intro to Religion class at Georgia Southern it fell unto me as well as my classmates to read a novel for class. At first I looked at the task at hand as plainly as just stated, a task for a grade. I soon came to realize in reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel it would be much more than an assignment.

In this riveting book there was suspense, curiosity, amazement, awe, and several more beyond description. In this fictional tale I had flip to the front cover to ensure that what I was reading was in fact fiction, not a tale of a real live human-being. The story of Piscine Molitor Patel, also known as Pi is moving. It begins in the small town of Pondicherry, India. Pi is a young boy who finds faith in several different religions at a young age, specifically, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. He practices each to their full capacity. Striking to anyone who categorizes themselves with one or the other. I found it fascinating how he held true to each one separately, but in unison found a Devine power.

He soon leaves Pondicherry with his family. His father being a zookeeper takes some animal cargo on the ship that he intends to sell when reaching Canada. To summarize what happens. The ship sinks. Pi finds himself stranded on a life boat with a hyena, orangutan, wounded zebra, and a 450 pound bengal tiger. The fight for survival and the urge to find happiness and reason to live is shown in several different ways on his 200 and some odd days at sea. I will keep these a secret as to keep my readers geussing and resulting in them reading this stirring novel. It truly is the best book I’ve read so far in my young life.